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Career and academic counseling for those ready
to take ownership over
their future.

Overcome uncertainty. Embrace your power. Find your path.

Therapy Sessions

Are you...​

  • seeking your purpose?

  • preparing to graduate and uncertain of your next steps?

  • ready for a career change?

Creating your career can be a daunting process, especially during uncertain times. But you are not alone! Whether you're considering higher education, transitioning from school into the workforce, or preparing to make a career change, I can help you explore your options, clarify your goals, and take tangible steps towards creating a fulfilling professional life. 

I firmly believe in offering equitable counseling services. Everyone has a right to receive support in their career development, regardless of personal circumstances. 

About Me

I am a Certified Career Counselor with an MS in Counseling from San Francisco State University. I specialize in working with young adults experiencing professional, academic, and cultural transitions, and have over four years of experience providing career and academic counseling to undergraduate and graduate students. 


I am also a Lecturer Faculty in the Counseling Department at San Francisco State University. My research interests include career development and educational success for refugees, international students, and other marginalized communities, with a particular focus on empowering womxn and girls. Emerging professional and research areas include anti-racist and social justice pedagogy in counselor education.

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My Approach

The first step in building a meaningful career is defining what that means to you! My holistic approach embraces your individuality and explores your career ambitions in the context of who you are and your unique circumstances. My mission is to harness your strengths and empower you with the self-knowledge, confidence, and skills to realize your professional goals.

I can help you...


Unsure what you want to do with your life? Ready for a career change? Let's explore! I can help with Career Exploration and Decision Making, including personality and career aptitude assessments. 


Early in your career the Job Search and Networking process can be intimidating. Fear not! Together we can expand your options, and outline creative and tangible strategies to help you seek and find your next professional role.


Inspired by an opportunity? Let's get you that job! I can help you hone your Resume and Interview Skills, including offering detailed resume reviews and mock interviews. 


Curious about college or graduate school but unsure where to start? From searching for programs to writing personal statements, I offer College Coaching to help you prepare for your the next phase of your academic journey.

What's it like to work with me?
During my time working with Emily I not only found my new beginning, I became me again. Emily and I first started by unpacking my background, in terms of my educational goals and career goals. But it didn’t stop there. Emily asked me how I was really doing. She prioritized my education and pushed me to reach my goals, and that was exactly what I did! While working with Emily, I realized I deserve to belong and succeed despite my fears. I can now truly say that I have clarity about my career goals, and I feel confident in my next steps and ability to tackle new challenges in order to achieve my goals! 

- Jap 

Take ownership over your career journey today!
Contact me below to schedule a free 30-min consultation and learn more.
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